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By the numbers: 14 arrests, 4 pounds of meth, 4 guns, 14,000 grams of GHB

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Far north of Edinburg, Texas law enforcement officers have arrested 14 people and seized a wide variety of items. West of Dallas, Parker County officials say those arrested are part of a drug trafficking operation that is peddling methamphetamine and hydroxybutyrate  (also known as GHB and the date rape drug) across the metro area.

Police say they seized four pounds of meth and more than 14,000 grams of GHB while making the arrests. Officers also said they confiscated four firearms and about $14,000 in cash from the drug-trafficking suspects.

Authorities said the months-long investigation began after school resource officers in suburban Weatherford were told back in March by students that they knew of large amounts of drugs being sold.

Investigators identified two suspects — both Weatherford residents — ages 36 and 34. The pair was reportedly offering to trade drugs for guns, according to a news report. The pair was also allegedly involved in the meth and GHB trafficking organization.

Law enforcement officials and prosecutors are using the Organized Crime Law in all but one of the 14 cases, according to the report. The law targets alleged gang members and members of other groups collaborating on criminal activities.

Punishments for convictions on engaging in organized crime vary, but one thing is certain: convictions can mean years in a Texas state prison.

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