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Dry University of Texas campuses expect fewer alcohol arrests

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Because Edinburg is a proud home of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, residents have access to quality education and research. While the presence of a university has undeniable economic and cultural advantages, it also comes with some occasional problems associated with alcohol and drug consumption.

A recent study compared alcohol- and drug-consumption problems on the two types of campuses: those that allow alcohol on campus (“wet” campuses) and those that do not (“dry” campuses). It is perhaps not surprising that wet campuses often have more problems with alcohol and drug violations than dry campuses.

As you probably know, the University of Texas campuses are dry.

The research by ProjectKnow.com indicates that students on dry campuses get into far few legal problems than those on wet campuses. “Dry campuses had fewer drug and alcohol violation reports, and crime reports overall were lower across the board,” the report states. “Wet campuses reported over twice the number of liquor disciplinary violations than dry campuses.”

For every 10,000 students, wet campuses see 16 arrested for drug violations, 17 for alcohol violations and another 17 for other alleged crimes. Dry campuses see 19 alcohol-related arrests per 10,000 students, plus 13 drug-related arrests and 11 arrested for other crimes, according to the research.

The top 10 schools across the nation with alcohol-related arrests include Fort Worth’s Texas Christian University with the third highest total: 747. Only Coastal Carolina University (1,070) and Marquette University (932) place higher.

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