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“Uncooperative” Texas lawmaker accused of DWI

by | Jun 10, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

If you drive about eight hours north of Edinburg, you will come to tree in a Dallas neighborhood that might have a little damage this morning. The tree was apparently hit by a BMW driven last night by State Rep. Victoria Neave.

The 36-year-old was arrested last night and charged with driving while intoxicated. The arresting officers wrote in his report that an “uncooperative” Neave had “bloodshot eyes” and was “staggering” after the crash.

The freshman legislator declined to perform a field sobriety test or submit a blood sample. However, a blood sample was later taken under court order, the Dallas Morning News reported.

According to the arresting officers, the lawmaker slurred her words, but reassured him by repeatedly saying, “I love you and I will fight for you.” She apparently added that she was invoking her Fifth Amendment rights.

Neave is known for her civil rights work, immigration advocacy and support for the recently signed law that bans texting while driving in Texas. She also supported the recently enacted legislation designed to keep the Dallas police and fire fighters pension from falling into insolvency.

According to the news report, she does not have a prior criminal record.

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