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Former Texas judge facing meth-related charges

by | May 8, 2017 | Drug Charges |

We don’t know how many fans of folk music, bluegrass and country music will make the 5-hour drive north from Edinburg to Kerrville later this month, but we know that the annual Kerrville Folk Festival draws visitors from across Texas and far beyond.

One of the people who might not be able to attend the 18-day event that kicks off in late May is a former District Judge recently arrested by the Kerrville Police Department. Former jurist Kevin Fine was arrested on a felony charge of attempted possession of a controlled substance.

The third degree felony could result in a prison sentence ranging from two years all the way up to a full decade behind bars, Texas Lawyer reports.

The affidavit of probable cause contains a story a woman told a Kerr County narcotics investigator, in which she claims to have hired Fine to represent her in a drug case. She said the former judge told her that he would accept payments in cash, and that “he would also trade sex and drugs for his services.”

Later, the woman arranged to meet Fine while she wearing a wire. He sat in her car and talked about payment and accepted a half-ounce of a substance that is supposed to look like methamphetamine.

Law enforcement officers then moved in and arrested Fine.

Last year Fine was arrested in another sting operation. In that incident, he apparently also purchased artificial meth; that time from an undercover cop.

Anyone facing this kind of trouble needs the help of an attorney experienced in drug defense.