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Texas parents busted for meth manufacturing

by | Feb 26, 2017 | Drug Charges |

If you drive north of Edinburg for a little more than six hours, you will come to Coryell County, Texas. The sparsely populated area sits southwest of Dallas, and is the home of Fort Hood.

It is also where county law enforcement officers recently raided a mobile home and arrested a woman, 26 years old, and a man, 32, on drug charges. The couple had a 7-month-old child in the home at the time of their early-morning arrests, police said.

The pair was also booked on child endangerment charges, according to an article on a TV station website.

The baby was placed with a family member, law enforcement officials said later. The our offices of Child Protective Services was also notified.  

The man is charged with a pair of counts of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance over 1 gram and under 4 grams (methamphetamine). He was also booked for possession of dangerous drugs (two counts): clozapine and tramadol. In addition, he is charged with a parole violation and child endangerment.

The child’s mom is charged as well with manufacturing meth (over 1 gram and under 4 grams), possession of the same two dangerous drugs and child endangerment.

Clearly, the legal and family implications in this case include time behind bars, as well as the loss of the custody of the young child.

Anyone in similar circumstances here in Hidalgo County should contact an experienced and skilled Edinburg criminal defense attorney to protect you, your rights, your freedom and your family.