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Hear From Past Clients

Before deciding which law firm to call, read what past clients have to say about working with The Sanchez Law Firm and our lawyers.

We provide aggressive representation in criminal law cases and personal injury matters. But what truly sets us apart is the level of service and diligence that we put into each case.

Read what some past clients have to say:

Exceptional staff and experience!

They were so kind and helpful while guiding me through the process. I could not have been more pleased with how they handled everything. The Sanchez Law Firm definitely has their client’s best interest at heart. I dealt with Jonathan Rodriguez and he was very communicative, very professional and worked timelessly to achieve results over and beyond my expectations. My case was not huge but that did not make a difference as I was always treated warmly.

This team is very knowledgeable and clearly the top in their field. I would highly recommend them. Five Stars!!
— Y.Z.

Spectacular service!

After being involved in a car accident I sought help from Sanchez Law Firm. I am pleased to say I experienced the best service ever. The amount of work and time Johnny Rodriguez put into my case did not go unnoticed, it mustn’t have been easy but he successfully resolved my case. I will forever be grateful for the great work I received from this firm. Thank you all again and for anyone seeking legal help I highly recommend Sanchez Law Firm.
— A.C.

Best decision!

Seeking legal advice from The Sanchez Law Firm has been the best decision I have made in my life thus far. After a slip and fall ruined my life and threw out my back, I was hopeless. I thought there was nothing I could do and many other law firms wouldn’t even look my way. From the day I stepped into The Sanchez Law, I was greeting with nothing but friendly faces, and tremendous support. They took my case with out hesitation and immediately started getting me the physical therapy I needed. I could not explain in words how grateful I am, Johnny has been a life saver, as well as Attorney Sanchez. Thank you so much guys I would not hesitate to seek help from you guys in the future!
— J.F.

Great staff!

Thank you for taking care of me for being very helpful! Jonathan was great, I never had to call the our offices he always kept me informed and updated. Thank you!
— K.V.

Indepth knowledge!

Knowledge on these claims. Showed compassion and eagerness to pursue my claim.. Fought hard for me and stood up to my employer in a firm manner… helped me get what I deserved. Totally recommend Mr. Sanchez. 5 stars!!
— B.G.

Highly Recommended!

I am very pleased with the service of The Sanchez Law Firm. They were able to assist with an issue I had been dealing with for a while and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome of it all. I can’t thank enough Mr. Sanchez and his staff for always keeping me up to date and effectively communicating with me. I definitely recommend his law firm!
— A.F.

Very Professional!

Mr. Sanchez is awesome, very professional and his staff is kind and patient. The best decision I’ve made in picking him to represent me. He talked to me after and made me feel even more comfortable about the whole thing.
— M.G.

Great Service!

The service here is awesome the ladies an Mr Sánchez were very helpful.he guaranteed me his work an he came threw with it love it.
— S.S.

Very Helpful!

After a car accident we knew we would need help dealing with all the legal stuff that comes along with it. Him and his staff were very friendly and helpful. We were happy with the outcome in our case. I dont think we would have had the same results on our own much less in the same amount of time.
— E.V.

Family Oriented!

A family oriented law firm that will make sure you get the representation you deserve. Mr. Sanchez got me a dismissal.
— R.G.

Very Successful!

I am very pleased with his work at first it looked hopeless but at the end he brings in good results. His prices might be high but he is effective.
— A.D.

Very Satisfied!

I initially discussed my case with Mr. Sanchez on the phone. He and his staff took the time to analyze my options very carefully. It took a year for my case to get resolved, but the outcome was outstanding. They did not rush into an easy option that could have been detrimental to my long term opportunities. They took the time to analyze the facts of my case and work with the other party to make sure that I obtain the best resolution possible. Mr. Sanchez is a seasoned attorney who takes the time to know the personal circumstances of his clients and offers them the right guidance. His staff is very experienced and very diligent. I am very satisfied with The Sanchez Law Firm.
— Happy Person

Highly Recommended!

Great customer service at Sanchez Law Firm! Jonathan Rodriguez handled my daughters’ case with professionalism and always kept us updated. He was able to resolve it for us promptly and efficiently. Jonathan and the rest of the staff at Sanchez Law Firm were great at helping us with this matter. Highly recommend this business.
— L.L.

Great Service!

I had a slip and fall case and had no idea what to do. I called Sanchez Law Firm, best decision I could’ve made. We got straight to it, rehad everything went great. They call every time they have new information so I was always informed of everything. I highly recommend them. Great Service!!!
— J.G.

Exceptional Service!

I was stuck with a bad lawyer who had no direction or definite game plan when I decided to go back to Mr. Sanchez. He had helped me years go with a different case. Even though I took a big hit by discarding my first lawyer, it was money well spent. Mr. Sanchez knew exactly how to handle my case. His law acumen, knowledge of the Hidalgo Court system, and his professionalism, made all the difference in my case. I absolutely recommend him and his exceptional Staff. Hire him, trust me, you will not be disappointed!
— M.C.

Highly Recommended

I recommend this Law Firm! Very fast and very nice. They helped me a lot with my case!
— L.H.

Exceptional Service!

The Sanchez Law Firm is exceptional! They picked up my case after the first attorney wasted my time (months) and dropped my case because they were not capable of obligating the person that rear ended me to pay for my medical bills, car repair, or find out whether that person had insurance or not. Sanchez Law firm was able to track them down and have them come forward with their insurance; something the PD was not clear about on police report. This firm(Jonathan Rodriguez) is very professional and knowledgable. I confidently recommend them and give the Sanchez Law firm 100 stars for looking out for me.
— Mrs. M. Art Class Reference Videos

Excellent Lawyer!

I would highly recommend Mr. Sanchez. He is an excellent lawyer. My family and I were so stressed out with a very serious offense that my younger brother was charged with and Mr. Sanchez was extremely professional and helped us throughout the process. He has a great staff that always kept us informed. In time, Mr. Sanchez had his case dismissed. He is an amazing lawyer and we will definitely turn to him for any future problems.
— A.A.

Confidently Recommend And Give 100 Stars

The Sanchez Law Firm is exceptional! They picked up my case after the first attorney wasted my time (months) and dropped my case because they were not capable of obligating the person that rear-ended me to pay for my medical bills, car repair, or find out whether that person had insurance or not. The Sanchez Law Firm was able to track them down and have them come forward with their insurance, something the PD was not clear about on police report. This firm (Jonathan Rodriguez) is very professional and knowledgeable. I confidently recommend them and give The Sanchez Law Firm 100 stars for looking out for me.

I Have My Life Back

I went to this law firm for a legal matter and I was very pleased in how they delegated the situation and how they handled it in court. I highly recommend this law firm if you have any legal issues and need it to be fixed. Because of them, I now have my life back and I thank you so much Sergio Sanchez for everything.

Stays On Top Of Cases

I would highly recommend Mr. Sanchez because he is a highly good attorney who is very well-known as in he stays on top of his cases and satisfies his clients. He has done a miracle for us and has kept his word. Trust me, in my experience hiring him, he has done an excellent job. He’s a professional attorney and we thank you so much Sergio for doing your job!!!!! God bless to have a good and loyal attorney.

Responsive — No Question Was Too Small

You will not find a more competent, diligent, compassionate, or hardworking attorney! He devotes himself to every aspect of your case. Alberto Osorio is top-notch as well. I highly recommend his entire staff too. My case was emotionally devastating to me, made worse because I live in another state. Sergio was always responsive, and no question was too small for a response from him.

Great Lawyers

Helped me out a lot, both Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Osorio. They are great lawyers.

Cleared My Situation — A Great Team

I was so relieved and happy that The Sanchez Law Firm was able to clear my situation. The entire our offices helped throughout the case. I highly recommend for every type of case.

Hard Work And Consistency

I’d like to thank you for handling my car accident case this year in 2014. This was my first time on hiring an attorney and I’m very satisfied with the experience I had with The Sanchez Law Firm.

Thank you for your hard work and consistency with my case. I would highly recommend this law firm.
— M.C.