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Drug distribution charges carry stiff penalties

To protect the freedom and future of the accused individual, drug charges need a strong criminal defense. A strong criminal defense strategy can help the accused individual handle the charges, and potential penalties and consequences, they are facing whether they are facing drug charges related to possession or distribution. All drug charges are serious but drug distribution charges can carry particularly significant penalties and consequences for the accused individual.

Criminal defense rights for those accused of DWI

Drunk driving charges can turn the accused individual's life upside down which is why accused individuals should know how to legally protect themselves. Penalties and consequences associated with a DWI charge can be significant and include incarceration, fines and driver's license suspension or revocation.

Two men from Edinburg facing drug charges

This blog recently discussed protections for individuals accused of drug charges. An investigation that led back to Texas recently led to the arrest of two individuals on drug charges in Edinburg and the arrest of one other man. The investigation has been ongoing for a couple of years and led to the arrest of numerous individuals. Based on a tip authorities stated they received, they obtained a search warrant and allegedly found drugs in the home searched.

Criminal defense protections for drug charges

Drug charges can have a significant and deleterious impact on the life of an accused individual. Criminal charges for drug possession or distribution can potentially rob the accused individual of their freedom and future which is why it is essential for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense rights and options to fight the charges they are facing.

How to negotiate a plea agreement

Because many criminal cases end up in a plea bargain, it is helpful for accused individuals to be familiar with the process and know how to effectively negotiate a plea bargain, if that is what they choose to do. Because plea bargains can involve not pursuing other criminal defense avenues, and the accused individual waiving some of their criminal defense rights, it is helpful for accused individuals to carefully consider the plea-bargaining process.

Criminal defense options for those accused of sexual assault

Sexual assault charges are a type of assault charges that can be particularly sensitive and serious. Sexual assault charges can result in serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals which is why criminal defense protections become essential to understand.

The process of challenging a breathalyzer test

One piece of evidence of a drunk driving charge may include a breathalyzer test so it is essential for accused individuals to know how to defend against the evidence being used against them. Breathalyzer tests are designed to measure the blood alcohol content level of the accused individual and may be used to determine if the accused individual was driving under the influence and what charges they will face.

The vital importance of criminal defense rights

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be extensive and accused individuals should understand what they are. Potential penalties and consequences associated with criminal charges can range from jail or prison time and fines to the ongoing impacts that can be felt later in life.

South Texas police chief arrested on domestic violence charges

Domestic assault charges are serious criminal charges that should be carefully considered. In the Edinburgh area, a police chief was recently arrested on domestic violence charges. The South Texas police chief was arrested and jailed on a charge of assault causing bodily injury to a family member. The chief's common-law wife reported that the police chief had assaulted her. According to authorities, the man's wife had minor injuries. The 64-year old police chief had been suspended from work.

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