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The impact a distracted driver crash and serious injury can have

We have all seen those people driving on Edinburgh roads. They have a cheeseburger in their hand, or maybe a cell phone and seem distracted, to say the least, from the real task at hand. That task is driving, if you are behind the wheel, that is your first and only priority. Distracted driving happens all the time for a variety of reasons and it can easily cause a car accident and serious injuries involving other drivers and passengers on the roads.

How do you prove another driver's negligence caused injuries?

It's every family's worst nightmare. Discovering that you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries can be scary and stressful. Attending to the injured individual's health takes precedence in this situation but it's only a matter of time before families want answers. Proving negligence in car accident claims requires a few elements in order to prove fault and seek damages.

Self-driving car strikes, kills pedestrian

The topic of self-driving cars has been in the news for many years. It perpetually feels like these futuristic vehicles are always on the horizon, but they never come to fruition. Well for the last few days, self-driving cars have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It appears that the first ever fatal accident involving a self-driving car has occurred, with an Uber SUV running into a pedestrian in Arizona.

Texas cop directing traffic struck by hit-and-run drunk driver

The series of tragic events began early one recent morning when law enforcement officials received a call that a man was walking near an interstate highway. When officers arrived, they found the body of a 25-year-old man who had apparently been struck by a vehicle that did not stop.

Proposal to reduce injuries and fatalities in truck accidents

Last year, the U.S. lost more than 10 people per day and more than 80 per week in tractor-trailer crashes. The vast majority of them were drivers and passengers who were not in 18-wheelers. The goal of a bipartisan group of senators and congressional representatives is to reduce the numbers of injuries and fatalities in commercial vehicle accidents in 2018.

Common causes of car crashes

While we typically don't have postcard holidays with snow on Christmas morning and a frosting on Edinburg street lights, we enjoy the season as much as anyone anywhere. We enjoy holiday get-togethers with family and friends and enjoy shopping across the Rio Grande Valley as much as the next person.

Holiday alert: Auto traffic expected to be heavy

Don't be surprised if you see an increase in traffic rolling in and out of Edinburg over the next few days. We are right at the doorstep of the holiday season, kicking off this Thursday with Thanksgiving, of course. Complete with turkey, football, family and friends, it is one of everyone's favorites.

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