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Legal protections are available to victims of distracted drivers

Distracted driving is a serious problem on our nation's roadways, including in Texas. There is now a ban on texting while driving in Texas and it is important for victims who have been harmed in a car accident caused by a distracted driver to be familiar with their legal rights and protections.

What types of damages are available to car accident victims?

Car accidents can leave victims with a host of physical, financial and emotional damages they must face. Fortunately, the legal process provides options to help protect them so that they do not have to face high medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering damages on their own.

Personal injury protections for catastrophic injuries

Car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that can damage the lives of victims. Fortunately, personal injury legal protections are available to help victims recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional injuries they have suffered in a car accident while they focus on the recovery process.

Did texting and driving contribute to your car accident injury?

We've all seen them. Distracted drivers out on the road in Texas, paying attention to everything but the actual activity of driving. Whether it be eating food with the steering wheel in one hand, reaching around to grab something in the back seat or another totally irrelevant activity to driving, it can get pretty dangerous out there. While people generally do not mean any malicious intent behind these actions, they can be held liable if their decisions causes a car accident that injures another individual.

Fatality on Farm-to-market road leads to manslaughter charge

Stories of car accidents involving fatalities are always heart-wrenching to hear. In theory, car accidents and motorcycle accidents and the corresponding effects can happen to anyone, and when someone in our community loses their life suddenly, it really makes you stop and think. Recently, a collision between a vehicle and a motorcyclist resulted in a fatality. After a month-long investigation, criminal charges have been filed.

Distracted driving behaviors can cause car accident injury

While no-one ever wants to be on the wrong side of car accident injury, it happens to thousands of drivers and passengers every year! There can be so many reasons behind why a car accident happened, but one that has been prominently avoidable is distracted driving behaviors. Distracted driving is really any activity that takes a driver's primary focus off the road. With technology where it's at, it's often related to cell-phone use which can be very dangerous.

Car accident victims can have lasting injuries and impact

Thinking about all the times we enter our vehicles it often leaves open the possibility to being injured in a car accident. The statistics about car accidents and the possibility to be impacted in our lifetime is much more likely than many realize. Even if a car accident isn't our fault, the possibility for injury is there regardless of the fault behind it. When involved in a car accident and suffering the corresponding injuries, one should consider their options.

The impact a distracted driver crash and serious injury can have

We have all seen those people driving on Edinburgh roads. They have a cheeseburger in their hand, or maybe a cell phone and seem distracted, to say the least, from the real task at hand. That task is driving, if you are behind the wheel, that is your first and only priority. Distracted driving happens all the time for a variety of reasons and it can easily cause a car accident and serious injuries involving other drivers and passengers on the roads.

How do you prove another driver's negligence caused injuries?

It's every family's worst nightmare. Discovering that you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries can be scary and stressful. Attending to the injured individual's health takes precedence in this situation but it's only a matter of time before families want answers. Proving negligence in car accident claims requires a few elements in order to prove fault and seek damages.

Self-driving car strikes, kills pedestrian

The topic of self-driving cars has been in the news for many years. It perpetually feels like these futuristic vehicles are always on the horizon, but they never come to fruition. Well for the last few days, self-driving cars have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It appears that the first ever fatal accident involving a self-driving car has occurred, with an Uber SUV running into a pedestrian in Arizona.

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