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What happens if you refuse a breath test during a traffic stop?

Getting stopped by law enforcement is almost always a hassle. Even if you know you weren't breaking the law, you may worry about what the officer thinks of the situation. Mistakes happen all the time, resulting in innocent people getting arrested and charged with crimes they didn't commit. That can include driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges.

Trendy marijuana dabs are a felony in Texas

Although marijuana concentrates, like pressed hashish, have existed for centuries, a modern form of this extract is currently quite popular. Butane hash oil, also called BHO, wax, glass, shatter or dabs, is a highly concentrated form of marijuana extract that has seen a boom in popularity over the last decade. While smoking marijuana was once the most popular form of ingesting it, more people than ever are turning to dabbing.

Sharing your medication could result in serious criminal charges

This last year, thousands of people died of opium overdoses around the country, including across Texas. As a result, both law makers and law enforcement are looking carefully at heroin, opiate and opioid medications in the hope of curbing this public health epidemic. More than ever, those whom some might consider dealers or suppliers, such as people who give away or sell their own prescriptions, could face harsh penalties.

Valley pharmacist out on bond

A pharmacy owner in Mission, was able to post a $100,000 bond and return home after spending almost a week in U.S. Marshal Service detention area. Law enforcement officials arrested the man on suspicion of committing health care fraud. According the prosecution, the owner of Penitas Family Pharmacy participated in filing almost $2 million in fraudulent claims.

Marijuana can still cost your freedom in Texas

Marijuana is legal in a growing number of states. Texas isn't currently one of them. Although Texas does have a medical marijuana law, it is considered relatively unhelpful. The law only allows for the possession and use of low-THC strains of marijuana by those with intractable epilepsy. The low-THC strains have shown to be less effective at long-term suppression of seizures and the law does not protect patients or parents who grow marijuana.

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