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Alcohol monitoring devices, such as the ignition interlock device (IID), can be court-ordered in Texas if someone has been charged with DWI. A breath monitoring device allows you to operate your vehicle only after a breath test has been completed using the in-vehicle machine.

The lawyers at The Sanchez Law Firm represent clients throughout The Valley facing DWI charges. We handle all aspects of the DWI charge, including dealing with driver's license suspension. Our team recognizes the struggles that come with a drunk driving charge and pledge to work hard to reach an outcome that is in your best interests.

What You Need To Know About An Alcohol/Breath Monitoring Device

There are a few different types of alcohol monitoring devices in Texas, and each one has specific instructions with regard to installation and use of the device. It can be intimidating dealing with these devices and overwhelming to understand the rules and regulations. At The Sanchez Law Firm, we are highly familiar with terms of the alcohol/breath monitoring devices in Texas and the most common legal issues that can arise with regard to the IID.

Former Prosecutor Representing Your Interests

Attorney Sergio Sanchez has more than 18 years of experience advocating for clients throughout The Valley. As a former prosecutor and district attorney, he has experience handling cases from both sides. Mr. Sanchez is widely respected amongst his peers and in the courtroom.

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