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The unusual case of the "Roman candle robber"

Texas law enforcement officials believe that a man north of Edinburg has been carrying unusual accessories with him on trips to convenience stores: a lit Roman candle, a hammer and a Jabbawockeez mask. The Lockhart man is suspected of carrying the fireworks and other attachments when he carries out armed robberies.

Austin Police Department officials refer to the suspect as the "Roman candle robber." Police say the 44-year-old has robbed four convenience stores while wearing the mask made famous by a hip hop group, and wielding the hammer and Roman candle.

Alleged drug dealer arrested enroute to Texas for beard contest

There is little doubt that facial hair has made a big, bushy comeback in recent years. Think of sports stars such as Mike Napoli of the Texas Rangers and James Harden of the Houston Rockets as two celebrities making thick, long beards popular.

The fad extends to Europe where men are also fond of growing elaborate facial shrubbery. According to officials, one man was so enamored of his lengthy bristles that he ventured from his home in France to enter the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Austin, though he is allegedly a sought-after dark-web drug trafficker.

Sharing your medication could result in serious criminal charges

This last year, thousands of people died of opium overdoses around the country, including across Texas. As a result, both law makers and law enforcement are looking carefully at heroin, opiate and opioid medications in the hope of curbing this public health epidemic. More than ever, those whom some might consider dealers or suppliers, such as people who give away or sell their own prescriptions, could face harsh penalties.

You may think that because you pay for your prescriptions, they are yours to do whatever you want with. In reality, you are only permitted to use them according to the instructions of the prescribing physician. Any off-label use, including giving or selling them to other people, could land you in serious legal trouble. Texas takes the distribution of controlled substances quite seriously.

Man flees Oklahoma with steaks and painting; arrested in Texas

You would spend most of the day driving north from Edinburg to get to Edmond, Oklahoma. The city was recently the site of an unusual alleged theft and assault. According to a news report, police there allege that a man stole steaks and a painting from the front porch of an Edmond home.

The 38-year-old suspect was later spotted at a nearby gas station, apparently driving a 2014 yellow Chevrolet Camaro. Officers said he crashed the car into an unmarked police vehicle that was blocking his exit from the station.

Texas woman slips handcuffs, speeds off in cop car

According to law enforcement officials, a Texas woman was wanted on a shoplifting charge when she was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police SUV. A video camera inside the vehicle captured the minutes that followed.

The 33-year-old can be seen slipping her handcuffs and then climbing into the front seat of the SUV. She wound up facing a laundry list of criminal charges in addition to the shoplifting allegation that launched the misadventure.

Texas teacher accused of improper relationship with student

The Texas Penal Code name for the violation does not at first glance sound all that serious: "Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student." But a conviction on the sex crime charge can mean a very serious sentence of up to 20 years in a state prison.

That is a possibility a San Antonio high school math teacher faces after her recent arrest, The 52-year-old is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.

Texas booms: Drugs and oil

America's economic might has many sources, but one of the most reliable has been oil. Texas is, of course, the epicenter of U.S. oil. The state's oil industry has gotten a big boost in recent years from the boom in shale oil in the western Texas.

With the surge in oil production has come "a parallel increase in substance abuse, drug crime and related social ills," according to Reuters.

Another example of how a criminal defense attorney can help you

When a jury understands all the evidence presented to it by prosecutors and a defense attorney, it can then make an informed decision. We read recently of a Texas jury that listened carefully to the evidence in the trial of a 23-year-old woman who had been accused of intoxication manslaughter.

She had faced a possible prison sentence of 2 to 20 years. But the jury listened to the woman's defense attorney, deliberated for about 3 hours and then acquitted her of the charge.

Tips to help prove fault in a car accident claim

When you left for work in the morning, you were not expecting to get in a wreck in the middle of Edinburg. Unfortunately, car accidents happen all the time. Sometimes they are due to bad weather, poorly maintained roads or negligent driving.

When you are involved in an accident with another a driver that is not your fault, you typically expect that driver's insurance to cover the cost your medical expenses, the repairs to your car and any other losses you may have suffered. In many cases, it is difficult enough to get your own insurance to pay a claim much less someone else's. Often, it comes down to proving fault. Read below for a few tips to help you make your case.

Texas doctors under investigation for sexual assault

The Friday night began with a group of young professionals out on the town. It ended with accusations of sexual assault.

Two Texas doctors north of Edinburg are now under investigation for sexual assault, though neither of them has been arrested on that charge. One of the doctors has had drug charges filed against him following a raid of his West Lake Hills home that was part of the sex crime investigation.

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